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Banking and NemKonto

Bank account

When you arrive in Denmark to start your work at SDU, you need a Danish bank account as soon as possible. This enables SDU to transfer your salary to your account.

To establish an account at a Danish bank you must first get a CPR number and receive your yellow health card. The bank can then help you set up a NemKonto, which is a public payment system that enables the authorities to transfer money to you.

If you do not take up residence in Denmark and get a CPR-number you can have your foreign bank account assigned as a Nemkonto. You can find the registration form and the instructions here, and you can read more about NemKonto at Life in Denmark's website

How to open a Danish bank account

There are many different banks in Denmark - to open a bank account, just contact the bank you find relevant to you.

The following documentation is needed for setting up an account:

It it also possible to use an online bank, for example Lunar or Revolut.


NemID  is a common secure login, which is used for public services and online banking. 
You can obtain NemID through personal appearance at a citizen service center when you have received your yellow health card in the mail.

During 2022, NemID is replaced by MitID. If you already have a NemID, you will be notified by your online or mobile bank when you need to migrate.
More information can be found here and here.

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