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Wage negotiations


In addition to the basic salary and supplements attached to the job category, the collective agreement and the university wage policy allow for further supplements by local agreement and negotiation. The most common supplements are:
• Qualification supplements (based on professional and personal qualifications, quality of performance), which are usually granted as a permanent supplement.
• Special-duty supplements, are usually granted in connection with special functions linked to particular tasks.
• One-off payments, as a matter of remuneration following a particular effort.

You are entitled to a wage negotiation when taking up employment with SDU. Furthermore, all employees are entitled to negotiate their salary once a year or when taking up a new position/function within the University.

The wage being settled as part of the collective agreement implicates that it is the trade union representative who negotiates the wage on behalf of the staff. This is also the case for yearly negotiations on any supplement.
The outcome will, however, depend on local conditions, budgets and policies. Your trade union representative is mentioned in your employment contract from SDU.

If you have got any questions about the wage negotiations, you can contact your union representative or your daily leader.

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Last Updated 16.05.2019