Public holidays in Denmark

Public holidays in Denmark in 2019:




New Year´s Day - January 1


Palm Sunday - April 14


Maundy Thursday - April 18


Good Friday - April 19


Easter Sunday - April 21

2. påskedag

Easter Monday - April 22

Store bededag

General Prayer Day - May 17

Kristi Himmelfartsdag

Ascension Day - May 30


Whit Sunday - June 9

2. pinsedag

Whit Monday - June 10

1 juledag

Christmas Day - December 25

2. juledag

Second day of Christmas - December 26


Additional days off at SDU are:
Constitution Day (5 June), Christmas Eve (24 December) and New Year´s Eve (31 December). The last Friday of October is SDU’s annual celebration (Årsfest) and SDU closes at 12.00.

It is possible to have time off without any salary deduction during an appointment with your doctor or dentist by further agreement with head of your department.

Special occasions:
It is possible to take the day off without any salary deduction by further agreement with the head of your department on the occasion of:

  • Your own 25th, 40th or 50th anniversary in the State’s service.
  • Your own, your children’s or a sibling’s wedding.
  • Your own or your parents’ 25th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary.
  • Serious illness, death or a funeral in the immediate family, i.e. spouse/cohabiting partner, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, parents in law or children in law.
  • Your own moving.
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