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Concurrent holiday

Concurrent holiday

The new Danish Holiday Act comes into force on 1 September 2020, and you will move to concurrent holiday. See what this means for you in this overview (only available in Danish).


Transition year 1 September 2019 – 30 September 2020

The last year before the transfer to concurrent holiday is a transition year that runs from 1 September 2019 to 30 September 2020.

The holiday that you accrue in the transition year is frozen and saved in a new fund, Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler (transferred holiday is not frozen). The background to the transition year is that you as an employee will otherwise have up to two years accrued surplus holiday when the new Danish Holiday Act starts.

The frozen savings will be paid to you from Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler when you reach retirement age or you leave the labour market permanently.


Holiday in the transition year

Overview of the transition year (only available in Danish).

You will be able to take holiday as you usually do during the transition year.

From 1 May to 30 September 2020 you have the option of taking holiday using the holiday days you have accrued in the period until holiday days are frozen, i.e. days accrued in the period from 1 January to 31 August 2019. With full holiday entitlement, you will have accrued 16.6 holiday days. If you have transferred holidays from previous years, these can be taken in addition to the 16.6 holidays.

If you want to take more than 16.6 holidays during the 2020 summer period, or for example you want to take a whole week’s autumn holiday, you will have to use special holidays that have been accrued.

When the new Danish Holiday Act starts on 1 September 2020, you can take holiday as you accrue it, i.e. 2.08 holidays per month.

As you can take holiday as you accrue it in line with earned holiday after the transition to concurrent holiday, you will also in the transition year be able to take 25 days of paid holiday as you usually do.

Holiday accrued in the period 1 January to 31 August 2019, the 16.6 days with full holiday entitlement which may not have been used by 30 September 2020 will be automatically transferred to the new holiday year, which actually starts on 1 September 2020.


Concurrent holiday from 1 September 2020

See an overview of the new concurrent holiday (only available in Danish).

The new holiday regulations mean that you as an employee  in the future can take holiday as you accrue it (concurrent holiday). Holidays is accrued from 1 September to 31 August (the holiday year).

Holiday can be taken at the same time as it is earned and up to 16 months after, i.e. can be taken in the period 1 September to 31 December (the holiday period). You will continue to accrue 2.08 days of holiday per month, i.e. 25 holidays per year.


Special holidays (The holiday agreement applying to state-employed staff)

The special holidays are not covered by the Danish Holiday Act. The participants in the labour market covered by this agreement have negotiated terms regarding how special holidays will be accrued and taken. There are no changes! This applies therefore to special holiday days accrued in the calendar year and taken in the year after from 1 May to 30 April. You earn 0.42 special holidays per month you work at SDU which gives you 5 special holidays a year.

State’s holiday guidance (December 2019) (only available in Danish) provides answers to questions regarding accrued holiday, instances in which you are prevented from taking holiday, payment, transfer, regulations upon retiring.

Holiday agreement
(only available in Danish).
Guidelines for planning, notification of and organising ordinary leave during the holiday period 2020/2021
(1 September 2020 – 31 December 2021)
Internal circular dated 13 January 2020 (2nd edition): Concerning guidelines for planning, notifications and taking holidays/special holidays.


Details in the new Danish Holiday Act

The details in the new Danish Holiday Act concerning, amongst other things, instances in which you are prevented from taking holiday, transfer of holiday, SDU IT support etc. will continue to be provided and updated here on this webpage as the transfer to concurrent holiday approaches.

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