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In order to support the international staff and their families in the initial period following their arrival in Denmark, ISO has developed an Intercultural program designed to welcome all internationals and their families. This is to support them in the integration process in their new job and society.

The program includes: Introduction meeting, welcome talks, and a wide range of monthly intercultural activities focusing on the socialization of our international staff and their families.

When signing a contract with SDU as an expat you will automatically be invited to join our one day course “Introduction meeting for new employees”. We recommend that you join this course to get to know more about your new workplace and the new society that you live in. In the course there will be talks about the following topics among other things:

  • Tax
  • Pension
  • Holidays
  • Tour of the campus
  • Getting to know more about the International Club and their activities

Welcome talk is offered to you as a new international employee together with your family. It is a personalized and informal talk that focuses on your specific and individual needs. A welcome talk could consist of whatever is on your mind, and what you need to know to get integrated and settled in Denmark faster and more easily. Some of the FAQ are:

  • What job possibilities does my spouse/partner have?
  • Where should my kids go to kindergarten/school?
  • How do the sports clubs work here and where do I find the right one for me?
  • Do I need to learn Danish to get integrated?
  • How is the Danish work culture?

We highly recommend that you and your family book a “welcome talk” to get started well in your new country. Please feel free to contact Annika Jarl for an appointment at:,

SDU International Club

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Last Updated 24.06.2019