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Health Insurance

Denmark has a comprehensive public health service, including doctors, medical specialists, hospitals, health service, home care, health visitor services and pediatric dental care, and more. Most of the health services are free of charge. The Danish health service is based on the principle of equal access to the health services for all citizens.

The municipalities are responsible for: Preventative health careprogrammes for children, home nursing, health visitor services, paediatric dental care and in-school health services. The municipalities issue health cards and administer citizens´ choice of doctor and health insurance scheme group. The five regions are responsible for operating the hospitals and psychiatric treatment in the regions.

CPR number and health card
You will receive a CPR number when you have registered in the Civil Registration System at your municipality´s citizen service centre. The CPR number is used in connection with registration and personal identification. After you have registered with the Civil Registration System the health card is sent to you by mail within approximately 2 weeks. With the CPR number and the health card you have access to health care services offered to all Danish citizens.

The health card states your name and address, CPR number and the name and address and contact information for your doctor and is your proof that you are entitled to public health treatment. The health card must be presented when you visit the doctor, hospital, municipal offices and many other places. It can serve as identification in cases where picture identification is not required.

Find more information about the registration process here.

You can find further information about selecting a general practitioner, hospitals, dental care and purchasing medicine here.

Please note that even though everybody staying in Denmark is entitled to hospital assistance in case of accidents or sudden illness it might be a good idea for you to ensure that you are covered sufficiently during the time of your arrival in Denmark and receiving the CPR number. Possible travel insurance policies must be taken out before travelling to Denmark. Please remember to contact your current insurance company and ask what your property, liability and accident insurance policies cover when you live and work in Denmark.

European health insurance card
To facilitate access to health care for European citizens, the EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland have issued a European Health Insurance Card.

Find more information about the European Health Insurance Card.

You can apply for the Blue European Health Insurance Card here.

Additional private health insurance
As mentioned, seeing your general practitioner or going to hospital will be covered by the state if you show your personal health card (the yellow card). In Denmark, you can also choose to take out additional private health insurance. Depending on the type, the private health insurance will cover visits to private hospital or medical specialists or even reimburse you a part of your medical expenses. Private health insurance policies are taken out with private insurance companies or Sygesikringen Danmark. Fees vary depending on the insurance company.

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