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Danish Language Programme

SDU is a parallel language workplace, where both Danish and English are used as working languages. This is why, in cooperation with the language centers, we offer our new international employees a variety of special and customised Danish language courses.
The university strongly encourages all international employees to attend the Danish Language Programme. Our courses are publicly financed but adapted to the needs of university staff.

The aim of the programme is to give you a solid foundation in Danish that will allow you to carry out most of your work-related tasks at SDU.
Therefore, classes are based on your everyday life at SDU and will include practical exercises and involve collaboration with your Danish colleagues.

You either have to sign up for the Danish Language Programme or postpone it no later than 2 months after you have received your Danish CPR number. This means that by the time you have been to the International Citizen Service Center or the Citizen Service Center at Odense Kommune (or the ‘kommune’, where you live in Denmark), you need to register or postpone within the next 2 months in order to participate in the Danish Language Programme for free.
Odense Kommune will ask you to pay a deposit of 2000 DKK. This deposit is determined by government regulations.

For employees with an employment contract of at least one year, the deposit is paid by SDU and will be managed by SDU HR. In that case, you do not need to take further action.

You can receive free teaching in our Danish Language Programme for a maximum period of 3.5 years within a timeframe of 5 years from the date of your initial arrival in Denmark. Please note that strict rules apply during these 5 years.

In order to enroll in the course, please send the following information to Jane Vinter Moscoso,


  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Institute/department
  • SDU email
  • SDU employment start date
  • End date for temporary contract
  • Private address in Denmark
  • Date of birth
  • Have you previously participated in a Danish language course? If yes, which module/level
  • Date of arrival, if you have lived in Denmark previously


If you are interested in learning basic Danish on your own before you arrive in Odense, you can sign up for our pre-arrival course. Please contact  Jane Vinter Moscoso,

As an accompanying partner you can either choose to attend a Danish course at AOF or at SDU. You need to pay the deposit of 2000 DKK yourself.

The deposit will be fully refunded if your change your mind and let AOF know before classes start. Once you have signed up for Danish classes, the deposit can be paid back to you, if you complete the assigned module with a test within a certain time limit.

For information on Danish courses or registration, please contact Anette Møller ( at the ISO-Office.
The Danish course offered by the Municipality will take place at the Language School, AOF Job og Dansk. The Language School is situated very close to the University at Spangsbjerg Møllevej 68, 6700 Esbjerg, tel.: 7610 6350. You can read more about the Language School here.

For accompanying partners and employees, who want to follow extra Danish lessons, or those who no longer have the right to study under the Danish course offered by the Municipality (after 3½ years), we offer FVU free Danish lessons at Campus once a week in cooperation with the FOF Language School.
For information on Danish courses or registration, please contact Anette Møller ( at the ISO-Office.
In Kolding the Danish course offered by the Municipality is organized by Sprogskolen Kolding, Ågade 27, 6000 Kolding, tel.: +45 7979 8300. You can read more about Sprogskolen here.

For accompanying partners, FVU free Danish lessons can be organized either at Campus or at Sprogskolen Kolding.

For information on Danish courses or registration, please contact Karina Madsen Skellgaard ( at the ISO-Office.
The Danish course offered by the Municipality will mostly take place on campus by the provider A2B Phone +45 2761 1666.

The Danish language providers UC Plus and A2B are offering Danish courses/FVU courses for spouses.

Please contact Ms. Isabella Farnleitner at or phone +45 5363 2176 for more information abut the UC Plus course.

Please contact Kirsten Platz at or phone A2B at +45 2761  1666 for more information about the A2B course.

Leaflet Danish Language Programme (pdf)

Get yourself a language buddy (pdf) 

See six small funny videos on Danish grammar and pronunciation - the videos are in Danish: "Grammatik for dummies".

Lær det danske sprog - AOF Job & Dansk

For more information about SDUs Language policy please see our website or contact Betina Rohr,, +45 6550 2908 / +45 9350 7131.

Useful Danish Phrases

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