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Denmark has a great “work-life-balance” society and it is one of the things that many expats are enjoying when living in Denmark. We have one year of maternity leave which can be divided between the parents. Our working hours is not as long as in many other countries, which give more family time.


Becoming a family is a wonderful but also challenging experience especially when you are living away from your social network and family. This is why SDU helps you to get in contact with different networks, that focuses on expats with small children.

  • Odense International parent group have many different events going on for children. They also have a dialogue on their facebook group where you can follow some of the issues concerning kids that expats have in Denmark.
  • is a homepage that connect international families with babysitters in Odense. To learn more about the concept go to their website.
  • The project garden is an opportunity for international children in Odense to meet up regularly in a school garden and learn more about nature and where our food comes from. It is possible for parents to meet up at the same time in the garden. To know more about the project, and how to sign up, contact Abigail Martin at:
  • In the Mamma Mia group expecting and new moms from all over the world meet once a week with their babies. The meetings take place on Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 11.30 am.

Besides this a lot of baby activities are going on in the city. For instance:

  • Babybio, the different cinemas in town show movies during the day where you are allowed to bring your babies.
  • Baby swimming, some public swimming pools offer different swimming activities for you and your baby. Look at your local municipality homepage to find out more.
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Last Updated 28.08.2019