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Work in Denmark

Work in Denmark offers help within the following areas:

  • Job search courses 
  • Individual support
  • Group sessions
  • Help to find internships

You will get advice about how to target your CV and application, how to identify job vacancies that match your profile, and how you can successfully approach a company. You will also learn how to use LinkedIn and networking actively in your job search, and how to succeed in a Danish job interview.

You can take a look at Work in Denmark’s e-learning program about job search in Denmark. You can find more information about the course here.

You can also find tips for your job search here on Work in Denmark’s website.

Find a job

If you want to look for a job yourself before the meetings, you can use one of the following websites: (The European job mobility portal – available in several languages) (Jobs for graduates and professionals) (IT jobs) (Jobs for engineers) (Jobs for graduates) (Jobs for language professionals) (Part-time and full-time jobs for students and young people)

Other useful websites: (Useful information on relocation and help with paperwork) (Accreditation and foreign skills assessment) (The 1000 largest companies in Denmark) (Overview of Danish export companies and the sectors they belong to) (Network for expats in Denmark) (The Danish Immigration Service), or (Relevant search sites to locate Danish companies) (Extend your network and link up with employers)


If you are looking for a job, you can get help at the local job center. Here you can get guidance, internships or jobs partly financed by the municipality. You can also put your CV on the website

Need help?

Contact International Staff Office


Last Updated 07.12.2020