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International Dual Career Network

SDU is a member of the organization IDCN Jutland/Funen (International Dual Career Network) in Denmark. It is a network that consists of many of the major companies/Universities in Denmark, whose main focus is to get spouses/partners of international employees a job career in Denmark. They all have expats employed, and therefore have an international business environment. It is possible for SDU spouses/partners to become a part of the network, and in that way get an exclusive opening to the companies in Denmark that very often hires expats.

If you are interested in joining the network and participate in the different workshops please write to Annika Jarl at:

The Steering Committee and spouses of IDCN

The Steering Committee of IDCN contains the areas and members:

Mentor field



Aarhus University (AU)


University of Southern Denmark (SDU)







The members are each responsible for each their mentor field. SDU is responsible for the membership of IDCN, which means that we have to do the following:

  • Membership registration
  • Database hosting and management
  • Personal Data protection
  • Regulations and policies
  • Volunteers management

You can also participate – without being a volunteer!

You can also participate in the events without being part of the volunteer work, so everyone is welcome at the events. At the events you have the possibility to meet recruiters from different Danish companies interested in hiring an international colleague. These recruiters are a good way to enhance your chances of getting a job in Denmark, so take the step and try to convince the recruiters about why the company cannot do without you.

You also have the possibility to put your CV in the IDCN database, where companies, which are members of IDCN, can go in and look after potential candidates for a job at their company. So do not hesitate to make a motivated CV to put into the database, so you increase your chances of getting a job in Denmark.

Why join the IDCN?

You can send your CV to Annika Jarl at:, if you want to become a spouse of the network. If you want to join of the IDCN events, you can register at the IDCN website.

The IDCN provides valuable career information relevant to the local market and works as a platform for networking and information sharing amongst its members. Specifically, the IDCN:

  • Facilitates events that showcase job searching methods and provide coaching on how to organize your job search in the most effective way.
  • Provides the job opportunity to meet directly with the recruitment teams of member companies.
  • Helps you better understand the local culture and job search environment.
  • Provides a forum for networking, sharing success stories and exchanging experiences and opportunities with other partners.

What happens at an IDCN event?

Events are organized throughout the year, providing opportunities to network with Corporate Members, Service Providers and other Partners. Recent examples include: CV clinics, interview techniques, developing your elevator pitch, information on local job market and culture, career fairs.

In short time you will be able to read the opinion of one the spouses participating in the spouse program of Dual Career. So please stay tuned, and follow us while the IDCN evolves here in Denmark thanks to the members, the hardworking spouses and all the highly-respected companies.


More info

You can read more about IDCN at: or contact Annika Jarl at:

Need help?

Contact International Staff Office


Last Updated 16.05.2019