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Childcare and schools


In Denmark, most children are enrolled in a daycare programme before they start primary school. A wide range of daycare programmes are available. Some are public and heavily subsidized by public funds while others are private without financial support from municipalities.

To enroll your child, contact your local municipality and ask for “Pladsanvisningen”. You should be aware that there might be waiting lists for daycare programmes, and you are therefore advised to contact the administration at Pladsanvisningen as soon as possible after getting registered in Denmark.

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Primary education

In Denmark, education is compulsory between the age of 6 and 15. In the year the child turns 6 years old, he or she can attend a public Danish primary school for free.
Your child will be given Danish lessons in an integration class for as long as necessary, and will then be transferred to the nearest primary school. Private schools in Denmark charge a tuition fee.

You can read more about primary and secondary education in Denmark here.

For an overview of the entire Danish education system (including adult education), please visit the website of The Ministry of Education.

International schools

A number of international schools offer instruction in other languages than Danish. The international schools charge an instruction fee. Interested applicants must contact the individual school to inquire about a spot for their child. Some schools are very popular and have waiting lists. You may also wish to ask if the school can guarantee an after-school facility for your child. We strongly recommend contacting the individual school as early as possible.
Below you can find a list of international schools in the areas where SDU is situated:

Odense International School
Odense International School is located together with Henriette Hørlücks School in the city center. It provides internationally recognized primary and secondary education for children between the ages of 5 and 16. If you want your child to be enrolled in an international school with an international certified programme in English you can contact Henriette Hørlücks Skole in Odense.

Esbjerg International School
Esbjerg International School currently has over 170 registered students representing 35 nationalities from ages 3-17. Though English is the main language of instruction at EIS, students with no prior English ability are accepted at all age levels. Read more about the school on their website.

International School of Billund
The closest international school for citizens living in Kolding is the one in Billund. You can read more about the International School here.

Upper secondary school

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a 2-year international upper secondary school diploma program that is offered in over 100 countries, including Denmark.
Find more information about the program, entry requirements and admission under each educational institution on the list at Uddannelsesguiden.

The closest upper secondary school to Odense is at Nyborg Gymnasium. Besides the Danish upper secondary education program they also offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) - an international diploma program that is recognized by universities worldwide. The IB program is taught in English. Tuition is free. For further information visit their website

The International Baccalaureate in Esbjerg is offered by Esbjerg Gymnasium, Spangsbjerg Møllevej 310, 6705 Esbjerg Ø. Tel.: 7514 1300. For more information visit their website.

The International Baccalaureate in Kolding is offered by Kolding Gymnasium, Skovvangen 10, 6000 Kolding. Tel: 7633 9600. For more information visit their website.

Clubs/Sport clubs

You will basically be able to find a club for anything in Denmark, and the life definitely goes around the clubs. Most clubs are running on a volunteer basis. And it is a great way to meet Danes and to get a social life.
Especially kids attend a variety of sports in the afternoon, and this is where they meet friends outside of school. So it is a very good idea to sign your kids up for some afternoon activities that they like and enjoy.

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