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Rules of sideline employment


It is possible for foreigners with a residence and work permit as a researcher, guest researcher or Ph.D-student to perform sideline employment in Denmark without applying for a separate permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. It is a condition that the sideline employment is related to the main employment that forms the basis of the residence permit. Whether or not the main and sideline employment are related always depends on a specific and individual assessment.

There are no separate requirements for the terms of salary and employment conditions in regards to the sideline employment and it can be salaried work as well as self-employment including freelance work.

Please note that the rules about sideline employment doesn’t apply during any job search period. The right to sideline employment follows the duration of the permit for the main employment.

Researchers, including researchers on the Fast-track scheme, guest-researchers and Ph.D-students can perform sideline employment according to the new rules without any work hours constraints.

NB! Researchers who have a residence and work permit on the pay limit scheme are not covered by the new rules about sideline employment. These researchers would still need to apply for a separate work permit for sideline employment.

You can find more information about the rules and the application process here.

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Last Updated 24.09.2021