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Information for international employees and guest researchers about entering Denmark during the coronavirus outbreak

Please contact ISO at:, if you have any questions about entering Denmark. We are following the situation closely and will update this information regularly.

If you work at SDU and is looking for information about the precautions in place at SDU go to SDUnet.

Read more and get updated information from the Danish authorities.


If you are an international guest researcher or PhD student, and you have a planned visit to SDU, or you are an International employee about to begin a new position at SDU, please read the information above carefully. Please make sure to check the latest updates from the Danish authorities prior to travelling to Denmark, as they are frequently updated. SDU does not have any influence on the current entry restrictions, and it is solely your responsibility to ensure that you adhere to the current entry requirements/restrictions. You can read more about the current restrictions from the Danish Health Authorities.

About the current restrictions in place at SDU campuses, please read more on SDUnet.

If you already reside in Denmark please find information relevant for you on SDUnet

Last Updated 21.04.2021