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Dorthe Gruner Nielsen

Ph.d. fellow, Ph.d. student,

Phone: +45 93 50 71 11

Dorthe Grüner Nielsen (link to Pure profile) are both BSc. in Nursing and Cand.Med. Currently, she is a Ph.d. student. Her Ph.d. investigates the quality of self-reported data regarding alcohol consumption among patients age 60 years and above and who is enrolled in alcohol treatment. Whether the patients provide the correct information of their alcohol consumption the last months or not is investigated with hair samples from the patients. Further, it is investigated whether the patients who do not provide correct information have special characteristics. Moreover, Dorthe investigates if these patients have a poorer effect of the alcohol treatment than those, who provide the correct information of their alcohol consumption.


Dorthe’s main interests are abuse and alcohol addiction, prescribed medicine, and illegal drugs. Moreover, patient safety is also one of her interests.