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Anna Mejldal

MSc in Mathematics, Ph.d.

Phone: +45 30 27 61 03

Anna Mejldal (link to Pure profile) is MSc in Mathematics and holds a minor degree in computer science from 2008. Since, Anna have worked a lot with data analysis and national registers. She thinks it is fascinating how to combine different data sources to obtain detailed and complex information of the investigated populations. In her Ph.d., comparisons of elderly with different levels of alcohol use and overuse were made. Data were derived from both the Elderly Study and the danish national health profile from 2013 (Den Nationale Sundhedsprofil 2013). With data from national registers, Anna investigated the participants’ socioeconomic background as well as their prospectively morbidity and mortality. “I hope it will contribute to a varied picture of Danish elderly and their habits towards alcohol”, Anna says.