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PhD Graduates

The following staff  has been conferred with the academic PhD degree after a pertinacious effort in the postgraduate education.

  • Lotte Kramer Schmidt defended her dissertation on 24 May 2019:
    "Treatment Duration and Fidelity in Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorders"
  • Angelina Isabella Mellentin Henriksen defended her dissertation on 8 June 2018:
    "Cue Exposure therapy as aftercare for AUD individuals: A randomized control trial"
  • Jakob Emiliussen defended his dissertation on 22 June 2017:
    "Why do some older adults start drinking excessively late in life?"
  • Sengül Sari defended her dissertation on 29 May 2017:
    "Exercise intervention in alcohol treatment - Potentials and challenges"
  • Kristine Hæstrup Hindkjær Tarp defended her dissertation on 8 September 2017:
    "Videoconferencing-based Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder"

Last Updated 08.02.2021