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The material from the conference can be downloaded here

Pictures from the conference can be seen here

The next ICTAB conference will be held in New Mexico, USA in 2016/2017. Please follow CASAA for announcements.


The 13th International Conference on Treatment of Addictive Behaviours. 31st of May - 4th of June of 2015,  in Odense, Denmark.

The 13th. International conference on the Treatment of Addictive Behaviours, focused on the integration of addictions services into four broad mainstream service areas: Health care, mental health, social services, and corrections. The keynote speakers are outstanding researchers with expertise in addressing substance use disorders and their treatment in:

1. Health care settings, including topics such as integration into primary care, screening and brief intervention, training of health professionals, and integrative care.
2. Mental health care settings, including topics such as the treatment of concomitant disorders, integrated behavioural health services, PTSD, and pharmacotherapies.
3. Social service settings such as welfare or employment services, and addressing issues such as homelessness, child welfare, domestic violence, and case management.
4. The criminal justice system, including jails and prisons, probation and parole, community corrections, diversion programs, drug courts, policing, pre-release.

Special attention will be paid to challenges and solutions in integrating addiction treatment into the above four services. The ICTAB conferences traditionally focus on research relevant to treatment of addictive behaviours.