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Unit for Clinical Alcohol Research

The purpose of Unit for Clinical Alcohol Research

The Unit for Clinical Alcohol Research engages in research relevant for everyday clinical work of alcohol treatment facilities, with the aim to increase treatment efficiency. We collaborate with a large section of alcohol treatment institutions, hospitals and
other facilities in contact with individuals, who drink too much. The uniqueness of our research is its proximity of practice, with the inclusion of staff targeted to subsequently implement the results into their everyday treatment practice. Head of the unit is 
Director Anette Søgaard Nielsen. The unit was founded in 2013 with the start of the alcohol research program - RESCueH, comprising 5 studies. These studies are near completion, but have been integrated into the treatment of individuals who drink too much. At the same time, new exciting studies have been launched, one among others, which pertains to significant others of individuals who drink too much (CRAFT).










“The interesting part about alcohol research is the fact that alcohol plays an important role in biology, culture, and lifestyle. Also, alcohol abuse is of major importance both to the individual, who drinks too much, as well as to his or her family and relations, so I feel that I can make a difference in this area.” Rikke Hellum

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"Jeg håber det kan bidrage til et mere nuancerede billede af danske ældre og deres alkoholvaner,, Anna Mejldal