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Project Administration

Project Administration

The research at TEK is diverse and unique, but how the projects are overseen is similar.  Here at TEK Innovation Project Management we recognize the similarities and ways to collaborate on how the projects are managed. Our team of four Project Coordinators, Special advisors share focal point for optimal coordination, knowledge sharing and academic reporting on the principal research project portfolio of externally funded National and International projects. Ensuring the overall collection of projects is aligned with SDU’s strategic goals and mission.


We offer specialized assistance in planning and organizing research projects lifecycle and its resources. Responsible for the administration of the faculty's various post-award support activities safeguarding positive project outcomes and best use of resources across institutions and administration.

Our Project Management Team offer advice and guidance with:

  • Contract, cooperation agreements, amendments
  • Scientific, management reporting with project deliverables
  • Guidance to the project leads and partners
  • Dissemination of project activities
  • Organizing project Kick-off’s, workshops, conferences, steering committee meeting and similar events

This service is provided with a payment of an administration fee. The administrations funds for the project are used to pay for the administration fee.