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Denmark wants more tech-startups – is that you? 

More and more engineering students  is having a dream of becoming an entrepreneur - but is wonderin what effort it takes,  what it can lead to and how to get there. SDU can help you in the different phases. Join our TEK Meetup inforamtion meetings or contact SDU RIO -  SDU Entrepreneurship Labs

TEK Meetup

is a concept where we meet and talk about experiences regarding being a startup while studying. Current students meets former students now working in the startup adn questions can be asked and network established. The two-hour meeting contains of 2-3 cases with former students from SDU as well as an introduction to what SDU RIO has to offer. Together with SDU Rio, TEK Innovation facilitates three events – two in Odense and one in Sønderborg:


In Odense, in March: Start-up ideas within Software, Robots and Drones.
In Odense, in September: Start-up ideas within Sustainable product development
In Sønderborg, in September: start-up ideas which include the professional competences in Sønderborg


SDU RIO has an open door and a lot of opportunities for you studying at SDU AND wants to start a company

You can become a part of the StartUp Station programme and get access to a lot of facilities.  Read more about the opportunities here: SDU Entrepreneurship Labs


Last Updated 09.12.2021