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Get a head start by collaborating with companies and organisations during your studies 

Collaboration between companies and students is essential during your studies as it benefits the industry and you will be given hands-on knowledge you are able to use during your time at the university.

There are different ways to collaborate with the industry; you can choose semester projects, internships, thesis, in-company projects or a student job.

TEK Innovation facilitates different events in Odense and in Sønderborg which makes it convenient for the students to meet the companies.

Twice a year Project and Internship day is held in Odense and Student Collaboration Day in Sønderborg. They are held in April/May and in October/November each year.

Through these events, students are able to meet a various amount of companies during a short time period. It can be companies you already know or companies you want to know better. Often, the companies bring interesting opportunities and projects with them where they need students to fill out the position.

Use these events to kickstart your professional network – one day you might need it!


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Last Updated 20.12.2023