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TEK innovation are able to help identifying companies depending on the activities during the lectures. 

Companies related to themes during the semester

Some fields of study use cases from the industry to support the themes throughout different semesters. An example is Integrated Design or Experts in Teams.

Companies to bachelor, master or specific projects

Frequently, identifying different project possibilities with a special focus where neither students nor mentors had been able to find one. For these occasions, TEK Innovation have different suggestions for the students to explore.

In-Company projects or companies suitable for internship

If a company wish to be a place where our students can go for internship or In-Company projects TEK has different requirements. To identify this, TEK Innovation has the knowledge about these requirements, hence, they can identify different companies to use. After, the different fields of study will figure out an agreement.

Identification of relevant mentors in the industry for our students

Employees at TEK has a wide network and with this knowledge they are able to identify companies and mentors to our students. As a part of the large network, we can also find guest lectures who are able to give our students a concreate picture of what is going on in a company related to the teaching.


If you need help to any of the above, you can contact TEK Innovation. 



Kontakt i Sønderborg





Frederik Gottlieb
Tlf: +4565501618

Kontakt i Odense





Lone Søvad Madsen
Tlf: +4565509644

Last Updated 07.06.2021