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Guidance to facilitate conferences and other activities at SDU TEK

TEK Innovation support several activities at the Faculty of Engineering where students, the industry organizations and local authorities meet each other to generate knowledge sharing, network and future collaboration possibilities.


Conference Manager
Conference manage has various functions. You can use it or registration, payment and as event website too. Support is given when creating registration in Conference Manager and/or creating new users for the system.

Conferences/larger events
You have two options regarding conferences and larger events: options: general guidance to help facilitate conference and larger events (planning, location and so on) or extended support in the process of facilitating the event. If the extended support is needed, it is arranged with the relevant Head of Department before contacting TEK Innovation. Additionally, resources are allocated to the number of hours used by TEK innovation.

Minor activities
Meetings, visit from delegations, workshops and seminars that all supports network and collaboration. Are you interested in support from TEK innovation, it has to be arranged with the different Head of Department.

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Last Updated 12.02.2024