SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (TEI)

SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation unites international researchers from a variety of research areas and students with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.


Our research targets the innovation process, and it extends traditional views on this process by taking into account the cross-boundary and interdisciplinary nature of innovation in which the human factor plays as important a role as technological knowledge and resources. Embedded in an engineering environment, we foster ideation, product and process development, and the commercialization of  inventions, primarily in the area of technology.

This is done by bringing together engineers and designers with leading experts in management, entrepreneurship, and communication, who provide the crucial input for transforming an idea into a tangible innovation. These joint forces represent the backbone of our education programmes. Moreover, they are both a breeding ground and an arena for entrepreneurial ventures of various kinds as well as for established companies of different sizes that find strong sparring partners in our academic employees.

In collaboration with internal and external partners, SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a reliable and qualified partner for the local industry in joint projects.


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