Research Projects


EU-project led by SDU will develop a system of autonomous, self-charging, and collaborative drones that can inspect the European transportation infrastructures, such as bridges and railroads, in a continuous operation and report if there are cracks or faults. 

EU Horizon 2o2o, 2020-2023
Contact project manager: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid,

Valuing Christmas trees by using drones

The project explores how to use drones to optimise Christmas tree production by measuring the height of trees and counting how many Christmas trees are in each plantation.

Contact: Henrik Skov Midtiby, hemi@mmmi.sdu


The project focuses on developing core-technology modules and an integrated aerial cognitive robotic system for applications such as the inspection and maintenance of large linear infrastructures.

EU Horizon 2o2o, 2019-2023
Contact: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid,

HealthDrone (SundhedsDroner)

The project aims at developing fully automatic drones that fast, cheap and sustainable can transport patient samples, medicine, and doctors between hospital units, medical practices, and home care.

Innovation Fund Denmark, 2019-2021
Contact: Kjeld Jensen,

Drones for Energy

The project builds a collaborative, autonomous, and continuously operating drone system that will be offered to powerline operators to inspect the power grid accurately, frequently, and autonomously in a cost-effective way.

Innovation Fond Denmark and Energi Fyn, 2018-2021
Contact: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid,


UAS-ability is a cooperation between Danish universities with the aim to ensure a national research infrastructure for drones. SDU UAS Test Center is supported by UAS-ability.

Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation,  2016-2021

Contact: Brad Beach,


The project focuses on the development of techniques for optimizing software in embedded systems for both time, energy, and security, and to demonstrate that these techniques are applicable to drones, camera pills, space industry and smart IoT-systems.

EU Horizon 2020, 2018-2020
Contact: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid,

SqM-Farm (Square meter Farming)

The project uses artificial intelligence based on data from sensors on drones, robots, and satellites to help the farmer optimize the yield of the fields.

GUDP, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark,2018-2020
Contact: Henrik Skov Midtiby, hemi@mmmi.sdu

Free the Drones (FreeD)

The project develops technologies that make it possible for drones to fly autonomously and safely Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Innovation Fund Denmark, 2016-2020
Contact: Brad Beach,

Innovation on Wings

The project supports small- to medium-sized Danish drone companies with the aim of bringing new ideas and products to the market faster and more successfully.

Article on (in Danish)

Industriens Fond, 2016-2020
: Mette Præst Knudsen, 

Creative Sight

The purpose of the project is to develop a drone system to inspect ships for damages, wear and tear.

Den Danske Maritime Fond, 2018-2020
Contact: Brad Beach,


The aim of the project is to develop a real-time data acquisition system for drones that can detect and track icebergs that are dangerous to the shipping vessels in the Artic.

Den Danske Maritime Fond, 2018-2020
Contact: Agus Hasan,


Terminated projects

Drone-based pumpkin counting

Energi Fyns Udviklingsfond, 2017-2018
Contact: Henrik Skov Midtiby,

General Public's Privacy Concerns Regarding Drone Use in Residential and Public Areas

Report on General Public’s privacy concerns (resume)
Report on General Public’s privacy concerns (full report)

Danish Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, 2017
Contact: Mette Præst Knudsen, 


SDU Strategic Funds
Contact: Henrik Skov Midtiby,

Drones for Energy

SDU strategic funds,  2018
: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid,

Drone ID

Partners: Danish Transport and Construction Agency,  2016-2017
Contact: Kjeld Jensen,

AED Delivery Drone

Student project autumn 2017, MSc. Specialization in Drone Technology
Contact: Kristian Husum Terkildsen,


SDU strategic funds, 2018
Contact: Kjeld Jensen,


The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP),  2016-2017
Brad Beach,

BVLOS Fast Track

Contact: Brad Beach,

Drone Inspections of Fences

Energi Fyn, 2015-2018
Contact: Henrik Skov Midtiby,