PhD Projects


PhD Student: Kristian Husum Terkildsen
Principal supervisorKjeld Jensen

Project poster is coming up

Power Modeling and Optimization of UAV Software for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems

PhD Student: Adam Seewald
Principal supervisor: Ulrik Pagh Schultz

Project poster

Hardware-centric Modular Framework for Continuous Testing of Autonomous Cyber-physical Systems

PhD Student: Martin Skriver
Principal supervisor: Anders Stengaard Sørensen
 Ulrik Pagh Schultz

An Ethical Drone

PhD student: Dylan Cawthorne
Principal supervisor: Alf Mikael Rehn
Co-Supervisor: Marianne Harbo Frederiksen and Douglas Cairns

Developing a commercial drone based on philosophical, social, and technological considereations.

PhD project poster

Safe Multi-sensor Software Architecture for Autonomous Vehicles

Terminated PhD project
Industrial PhD student: Johann Thor Ingibergsson Mogensen
In cooperation with: CLAAS E-Systems
Supervisor: Ulrik Pagh Schultz

The project aims to design and develop hard- and software adhering to international safety standards and, in particular, the development of a method for automatically integrating sensor data and automatic program generation to ease the integration and verification of sensors and software.

PhD project poster

Machine Vision Based Plant Recognition for Weed Species Identification

Terminated PhD project
PhD student: Mads Dyrmann
Supervisor: Henrik Skov Midtiby

The purpose of the PhD project is to develop a system, which can partly or fully automate the process of weed species identification in images acquired from conventional grown fields.

PhD project poster