SDU UAS Test Center

SDU UAS Test Center

International test center for drones at HCA Airport near Odense. The test center is part of SDU UAS Center.

SDU UAS Test Center is an ecosystem for developing and testing drones and drone related system platforms.

The core of the 2200m2 hangar in HCA Airport is our well-equipped composite laboratory, motion capture laboratory and system integration laboratory with direct access to 867km2 of drone airspace, which makes it possible to walk directly from the laboratory to the test field.  

At the Test Center companies, researchers, and students work side by side to develop, test, and adjust their drones to create coherent and safe drone systems.

You can use the facilities of the SDU UAS Test Center as a researcher, PhD student, or company to research, design, and test your drone, composite materials or cyber-physical system.

Our drone specialists are ready to assist in the laboratories and advise you on rules and regulations.

Facilities in SDU UAS Test Center

Composite Laboratory

Designing, developing and manufacturing drones in lightweight composite materials. The 300mlaboratory has three zones to separate chemical work, mechanical work and the clean lab. We support multirotor as well as fixed-wing drones up to 12m wingspan.
SDU's Composite Laboratory for Drones

Motion Capture Laboratory

A laboratory for conducting experiments in swarming, indoor navigation methods, human/drone/ground/robot interactions. The  lab consists of a 12x12x6 meter capture volume, fenced in by nets and equipped with state-of the art optical motion capture system using 12-16 cameras for tracking more than 30 markers in real-time with millimeter-precision.

System Integration Laboratory

A multidisciplinary and flexible work environment where you can test and integrate the many different parts and subsystems that comprises a modern drone system. The laboratory has three main areas; Electronics, Mechanics and Software/Simulation.
SDU's System Integration Laboratory for Drones 


867km2 drone airspace

Access to 867km2 airspace above North Funen, where drones have first priority to fly. The airspace is divided into three zones, which can be activated when needed. This means that you can fly at the airport, but you can also fly further over land and sea from Northern Funen to Juelsminde in Jutland - also BVLOS, beyond visual line of sight. Map of drone airspace.

Fast approval of drone flights

Our ambition is to offer a fast approval procedure for operations with drones below 150kg/330lbs. MTOW.

Who can use the SDU UAS Test Center?

International and national researchers and PhD students can get a workplace and use the Test Center's laboratories, hangar and airspace for their research *.

Private companies who are a part of a SDU research project have access to the laboratories, hangar and airspace *.

Private companies can also rent office spaces, meeting rooms, lunch-room, showroom, laboratories, hangar and airspace. This way you can get daily access to equipment and facilities that may otherwise be difficult or costly to access*.

As the first company, Space Composite Structures, moved into their offices in the SDU UAS Test Center  in spring 2018. The company makes composite parts for giants such as Airbus and the European Space Agency (ESA).

* There will be user charge for materials, use of equipment and access to airspace.

Students in the Test Center

Students and lecturers from MSc in Engineering in Robot Systems with specialization in Drone Technology, and from the BEng in Mechanical Engineering, use the Test Center for teaching, project work, developing and testing of drone system platforms and composite structures. We offer several areas with project workplaces for students.

Background of the SDU UAS Test Center

The hangar of SDU UAS Test Center, was purchased by SDU UAS Center in September 2016 and is undergoing a total renovation to house a state-of-the-art drone laboratory and test center.

SDU UAS Test Center is supported by the Danish government as part of the UAS-ability project. UAS ability is a collaboration between Danish universities, which aims to build a national research infrastructure for drones.

SDU UAS Center is a partner of UAS Denmark, which is a national network organization for over 150 drone companies. The other partners of UAS Denmark are; Development Funen (Udvikling Fyn), Odense Municipality, and HCA Airport.

SDU UAS Test Center, UAS ability and UAS Denmark is a result of the Danish National Drone Strategy launched in September 2016.


Address: Beldringevej 252, 5270 Odense N

Brad Beach

Head of SDU UAS Center
Phone:(+45) 65509523 / 20370124


Christian Klit Johansen

Deputy Head of SDU UAS Center
Phone: (+45) 65509635 / 20585069


Jussi Hermansen

System integration Lab,
SDU UAS Center
Phone: (+45) 29990035


Raphael Geiger

Composite Lab
SDU Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (+45) 65507464 / 52800862


Erling Hansen

Test and Air Worthiness,
SDU UAS Center
Phone: (+45) 93507228

Join SORA-workshop at SDU

Learn how to file you own SORA-application for BVLOS-flights


Map of facilities

Drawing of the labs in SDU UAS Test Center

Lab map

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