Research Areas

The research focus of the Software Engineering unit is rapid and high-quality software development. In this context, we work with methods and techniques to help companies improve their software development process and the software product quality. In particular, our research is built on the three pillars:

Rapid Software Development and Value Creation
We focus on methods and tools to help companies accelerate their software projects and to develop software faster by, at the same time, better addressing their customers’ needs. Agile software development, methods and method construction, lay the foundation of our research in this sector.

High-Quality Software Development and Management
We help companies to improve their process and product quality from the very beginning. This includes different instruments from quality management and quality-related software development practices, ranging from software process improvement over model-based/generative programming to software tests.

Agile Engineering of Safety-Critical Systems
We help companies bring together the best of agile software development and the best of engineering safety-critical systems. We rely on our research on software development processes and latest development and quality assurance techniques. Our research in this field aims at speeding up software and system development by respecting the high requirements, e.g. regarding compliance, safety, and so forth.

All our research activities are complimented with empirical research to evaluate developed solutions in lab environments as well as in practice, and to present evidence on the solutions’ feasibility.

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