PhD Projects

Below is an overview of ongoing PhD projects at SDU Robotics.

Frederik Haarslev,
Title of PhD project: "RoboVision using Deep Learning for the SMOOTH Robot", advisor: Norbert Krüger

Frederik Hagelskjær,
Title of PhD project: "Using Feature Combinations for Adaptive Object Recognition Systems in Industrial Contexts", advisor: Norbert Krüger

Guðmundur Geir Gunnarsson,
Title of PhD project: “Model Based Programming of Fiber Ply Pick and Drape Processes”, advisor:Lars-Peter Ellekilde

Jakob Kristian Holm Andersen,
Title of PhD project: "Artificial Intelligence Image diagnostics ", advisors: Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu and Jakob Grauslund, Steno Diabetes Center Odense, OUH

Jeppe Langaa,
Title of PhD project: "Programming by Demonstration for Assembly", advisor: Christoffer Sloth

Kim Lindberg Schwaner,
Title of PhD project: "Planning and Automatic Execution of Surgical Procedures through use of an Action Library", advisor: Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

Nikolaj Westphal Leth,
Title of PhD project: "Easy Programming of Robotic 3D Surface and 3D Curve Processes", advisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen

Ole Wennerberg Nielsen,
Title of PhD project: "Mathematical Modelling of Intelligent Solutions for Robot Handling of Objects to be Placed Accurately on Fixtures", advisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen

Rasmus Laurvig Haugaard,
Title of PhD project: "Computer Vision for Robotic Grasping ", advisor: Anders Glent Buch

William Kristian Juel,
Title of PhD project: "Responsible Application of Robotics in Health and Elderly Care - an Ethical and Technical Perspective", advisor: Norbert Krüger

For an overview of previous PhD projects please see below:

Anders Glent Buch,
Title of PhD project: “In Search of 3D Poses: Advancing Feature Description, Matching and Estimation for Robotic Applications”, advisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen

Iñigo Iturrate San Juan,
Title of PhD project: "Simplified Robot Programming by Kinesthetic Teaching", advisors: Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu, Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard, Universal Robots and Martin Rytter, Universal Robots

Johan Sund Laursen
Title of PhD project: “Infrastruktur til Action Library”, advisor: Lars-Peter Ellekilde

Lars Carøe Sørensen,
Title of PhD project: "Structured Action Representations and Action Learning in an Industial Context", advisor: Dirk Kraft

Lilita Kiforenko
Title of PhD project: "Exploiting Higher Order and Multi-modal Features for 3D Object Detection", advisor: Norbert Krüger 

Mikkel Tang Thomsen
Title of PhD project: "Visual Descriptor Learning for Predicting Grasping Affordances", advisor: Norbert Krüger

Simon Mathiesen,
Title of PhD project: "Automatic Design and Configuration of Robot Platform for Assembly", advisor: Lars-Peter Ellekilde

Stefan-Daniel Suvei 
Title of PhD project: "Vision Based Behaviour in Welfare- and Agricultural Robotics", advisor: Norbert Krüger

Thomas Fridolin Iversen
Title of PhD project: "Online Planning and Trajectory Generation for Industrial Binpicking Applications", advisor: Lars-Peter Ellekilde

Thomas Nicky Thulesen, 
Title of PhD project: ”Dynamic Simulation of Manipulation & Assembly Actions”, advisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen

Thorbjørn Mosekjær Iversen,
Title of PhD project: "Automated Configuration of Vision Sensor Systems for Industrial Robots", advisor: Dirk Kraft

Troels Bo Jørgensen
Title of PhD project: "Robotic Handling and Packeging of Flexible Objects", advisor: Norbert Krüger

Wail Mustafa
Title of PhD project: “The semantic interpretation of visual scenes in the context of learning by demonstration", advisor: Norbert Krüger