Christoffer Sloth

On October 1st, I joined SDU Robotics after working for eight years at Aalborg University. The following gives an overview of my background.

In 2009, I received my Master’s degree in electrical engineering with specialization in intelligent autonomous systems from Aalborg University. During my studies, I worked mainly on control of electro-mechanical systems; in particular, I studied modeling and control of wind turbines and wrote my Thesis on fault-tolerant control of wind turbines. Subsequently, I did my PhD at Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, on the use of formal verification methods for dynamical systems.

After finishing my PhD, I started working at Automation & Control, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, within projects on the control of dynamical systems. In addition, I took part in forming the Open Surgical Robotics Laboratory centered around a surgical robot called the da Vinci Surgical System, and was co-applicant on a research project (CodeMe) granted by the Danish Council for Independent Research. Both projects were utilizing a safety verification method developed during my PhD. In 2016, I became Associate Professor and have since then focused on research within robotics, where I have been developing a control system for a wall-mounting robot (WallMoBot), and was co-applicant for a research project (Exo-Aider) funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark on the design of an upper-body exoskeleton for elderlies and people with physical disabilities.

At SDU Robotics I will research on the safety of collaborative robots that physically interact with humans. In addition, I will utilize my background within modeling and control to optimize robotic systems.

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