Surgical Robotics

Patient safety and reducing medical errors have a high priority in today’s health systems. New training strategies up-coming surgeons within the field of laparoscopy is needed. Robotic-assisted surgery allows for an increasing part of abdominal and retroperitoneal surgical procedures to be performed as minimal invasive techniques. Therefore, the demand for simulation-based surgery skills training increases. However, simulating realistic soft tissue interactions is technically difficult. Complex simulations (i.e. advanced operations) are not available and this limits the benefits obtained with the present available simulation programs for minimal invasive surgery (MIS). SDU Robotics intends to develop - in close collaboration with Odense University Hospital (OUH) - automatic surgical procedures and improve patient-specific simulations of surgical tasks. As a hardware platform the Raven surgical robot (RSR) is used. RSR is a research robot used to simulate MIS. RSR gives researchers full access to movement, manipulation and kinematic data as well as control not available in commercial surgery robot systems such as the da Vinci robot that is used for surgery at OUH.


Associate Professor Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

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