Research projects

Down below you will find a list of current projects at Game Development and Learning Technology.

(NB: Some projects are only available in Danish)

Audiometric Selftest
A project within SDU's strategical research areas where we are researching self-serving audiometry in terms of chemo patients.
Evaluation of Crossing IT
Read more about Crossing IT here.

A 2-year research project where we in collaboration with LSUL, NAT SDU and IPN, Kiel are researching technological understanding, robot technology and cryptography for 8th graders in both Germany and Denmark with focus on industrial technologies and problems.

You can read more about Panama here.

RoboLearning Sydfyn
You can read more about RoboLearning Sydfyn here.
Technological Understanding
You can read more about Technological Understanding here.
VR and Alcohol
VR og Anxiety