• Game development and game design – both as entertainment and for learning. We are researching how we can better understand each other and ourselves through gaming, and how games and gamification affects the way in which we use technology today.
  • Interactive technologies – based on robot technology, we are developing and researching physical interfaces for interaction between humans and technology – both human computer interaction and human robot interaction. Our research extends into learning, training, rehabilitation, health and entertainment.
  • Computational Thinking – We are researching how it can become easier for humans to configure and program technology, and implement our findings to schools, businesses and the home.
  • Technological understanding and STEM – We are researching how children and teens understand technology in a scientific context to develop tools that will enable them evolve from being a consumer to both being creative with technology, along with tools to help them become better at analyzing the technologies we use in our everyday lives.
  • VR and AR – We are looking into how these technologies can assist us in gaining a better understanding of simulations to train our interaction with the real and/or digital world. VR and AR are used to create both entertaining experiences and innovative learning environments.