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Knee injuries in 11 to 13 year old girls

Tina Junge, PhD from RICH and associate professor in  physioterapi at UCL has been interviewed by  TV2 Sundhed about the results fromher PhD thesis:

It is not nonsense when your teenage daughter is complaining about her knee


Girls in the age of 11-13 are in midst of a 'growth spurt', and that means more knee injuries. This article gives you tips on how to protect for your girl.

Do you have a girl close to adolescence, who is complaining about sore knees, it's most likely not just nonsense.

A new research project from the University College Lillebælt and the University of Southern Denmark found that girls aged 11-13 are particularly vulnerable to knee injuries.

- When it comes to overuse injuries in knees, the results show that girls from 11-13 years have increased risk for knee injuries, as most of them are going through a growth spurt at this age. In our prevention work, we must therefore pay extra attention to these girls, but also children with previous knee injuries, as well as children WHO attend handball, soccer and gymnastics, says Tina Junge, who is PhD and associate professor of physical therapy and in charge of the research project.

Gymnasts are also exposed

Reaching this conclusion the researchers have for more than three years followed 1,300 elementary school students between 8 and 15 years having their knee injuries and physical activity being registered.

Besides the pre teen girls being particularly vulnerable, it has also been detected, that children attending gymnastics, are at greater risk for knee injuries.

Physiotherapist Tina Junge gives three tips that can help girls to avoid the growth related overuse injuries:

  1. Beware of overtraining
    The body must have time to recuperate between training sessions, and it is even more important when the body is growing at high speed.
  2. Vary your training
    It is hard for the knees if they are exposed to the same movement, then vary the type of exercise - do not just run for example 
  3. Respect the symptoms
    As soon as your child feel a hurting knee, respect it and pay extra attention to the two tips mentioned above. Does your child have pain for more than 2-3 weeks, they should be seen by a professional.

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