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Sidsel is going to Australia


One of  RICH's PhD students Sidsel Louise Domazet will be relocating her office from 15th of June until the 1st o September.

Sidsel is going to Australia, where she will stay with Professor Paul Chandler at Early Start Research Institute (ESRI), University of Wollongong. The unit is - Like RICH - conducting research in children's health and work from a crossdisciplinary approach to learning, cognition, pedagogy, social inclusion and public health (including measurements of physical activity and behavioural epidemiology).

Sidsel expects to collaborate with ESRI, where mutual experiences and challenges within the field of children and health will be the main focus .

Sidsel is bringing her family, and they will be having a long summer holiday while mum is working.

Editing was completed: 02.06.2016