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Jan Brønd in TV2 Sportslab

RICH PhD student, Jan Brønd, writing his dissertation on the subject 'Measuring Physical Activity', is developing software for measuring devices for optimized measurement of how and how much children and young people are moving.

Through this work he has been contacted by TV2 Sportslab who was interested in seeing how harmful it is to ride on cobblestones.
The contact led to Jan Brønd doing the measurements on the professional cyclist Alex Rasmussen in the test.

TV2 Sportslab writes about the broadcast:

In this week's SportsLab Michael Stærke examines how much vibration the body is exposed to when riding on cobblestones. He is assisted by the professional rider Alex Rasmussen, and it turns out to be very few meters every day one may cycle on the uneven ground if you have to live up to the labor inspectorate requirements. SportsLab takes you to Bagsværd Lake to Watch duel between the 'Gold Four' and 'firerkajakken'. Who is going to really have the bragging rights of the two?
SportsLab with Michael Stærke and Thomas Bilde examines myths, tests the gear and generates new knowledge that both fascinates and improves. SportsLab is the program for those who want to know more about the sport and would like to know it in both an entertaining and serious way. 
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October 13, 2015
TV 2

The broadcast is on TV2Play and can be seen if you have login to the site:

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