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Heidi Klakk in the board of DIN

Heidi Klakk, postdoc at RICH (employed also at FIIBL and lecturer at UCL) was at the recent DIN annual meeting elected for the board in the Danish Implementation Network (DIN).

Heidi is particularly interested in Danish Implementation Network’s Research Network (DIN-F), which works to gather and share knowledge from Danish research on implementation; to inspire researchers and research projects, and to identify research needs. Members of the network share, and discuss implementation research and discuss opportunities and prospects of creating joint research projects and publications.

Heidi represents both University Colleges and RICH, SDU in DIN-F. At both institutions an increased need for expertise in translational research is showing. Heidi Klakk has together with PhD student Jonas Vestergaard started a process evaluation of the Svendborg project, where implementation philosophy and theory are used, in the attempt of disclosing the experience from Svendborg Municipality to practice.
Heidi Klakk also participates in a Masterclass in Implementation Science at King's College in London in May/June 2015.


Editing was completed: 27.05.2015