RICH's manning is taking into account the various tasks that the Center carries; Quantitative and qualitative interdisciplinary research  projects in child and youth health, administration of the European Youth Heart Study database, dissemination of research-based knowledge and practical guidance to operators in the area.

Research in Childhood Health (RICH)

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Anders Grøntved Associate Professor, forsknings- og centerleder 65504465 
Caroline Frederikke Tornøe Office Clerk  
Søren Brage Adjunct Professor  
Charles H. Hillman Adjunct Professor  
Karsten Froberg Associate Professor 65503457 
Peter Lund Kristensen Associate Professor 65504878 
Niels Christian Møller Associate Professor 65503639 
Heidi Klakk Egebæk Assistant Professor 65504499 
Jan Christian Brønd Postdoc 65504855 
Kristian Traberg Larsen Postdoc 65504551 
Line Grønholt Olesen Postdoc 65504866 
Daniel Arvidsson Visiting Researcher  
Sidsel Louise Domazet PhD Student   
Jonas Vestergaard Nielsen PhD Student  65507699 
Natascha Holbæk Pedersen PhD Student  65507909 
Therese L. Petersen PhD Student  65503927 
Martin Gillies Rasmussen PhD Student  65504816 
Jesper Pedersen Research Assistant 65502054 
Niels Wedderkopp Clinical Professor 65504466 


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