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Management and administration


The organization of the centre is as follow:

  • Management Group
  • Head of Centre
  • Research Management
  • Daily Management Group (DMG)
  • Scientific Advisory Committé
  • Centre Secretariat

The Management Group

The Management group consist of the institutional coordinators and representatives of important collaborators:

  • The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • The Head of Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics
  • A representative from the TrygFonden Centre for Prevention
  • An eksternal representative from TrygFonden
  • A representative from The H. C. Andersen Hospital, Odense University Hospital
  • A representative from Institute of Regional Health Research

Head of Centre

Anders Grøntved, Ass. professor
Tel. +45 6550 44 65

Research management

Ass. professor Anders Grøntved

Daily Management Group

Ass. Prof. Anders Grøntved
Ass. Prof. Thomas Skovgaard
Prof. Niels Wedderkopp
Ass. Prof. Niels Christian Møller
Assistant Prof. Anna Bugge
Ass. Prof. Peter Lund Kristensen
Assistant Prof. Lars Østergaard
Postdoc Heidi Klakk

Scientific Advisory Committe

  • Professor W. van Mechelen, Amsterdam
  • Professor M. Vogelholm, Tampera
  • Professor Y. ommundsen, Oslo

Centre secretariat

Charlotte Dickmeiss,
Phone +45 65503432
Fax +45 65503480





Last Updated 01.04.2019