RICH Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2010


Presentations May 26th 2010


How to convince a peer reviewer(pdf.fil)
Sc.D. Mikael Fogelholm, Director of the UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research, Tampere, Finland

Presentation of Epilife (pdf. fil) 
Prof. Lauren Lissner,The Göteborg Center for Epidemiologic Studies on Mental and Physical Health Interacting over the Lifecourse

What impact does an altered amount of PE have on the present and future health in children and adolescents? -A 3 years prospective intervention study in public schools in Svendborg Kommune. The Svendborg project. (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Heidi Klakk Christensen, RICH

The impact of extra hours of physical education as a factor in the development of sports and leisure-time related injuries in primary school children. The Svendborg project. (pdf.fil).
PhD stud Eva Jespersen, RICH

Is sports participation protective of back pain in childhood? An interim analysis from a prospective study. The Svendborg Project.
PhD stud Claudia Franz, RICH

The influence of Habitual Physical Activity and Genomic Variation on Arterial Structure and Function in Adolescence and Young Adulthood The European Youth Heart Study. (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Anders Grøntved, RICH

The effects of physical activity level and intensity through childhood and adolescence on clustered CVD risk in adults. The European Youth Heart Study 3 (pdf.fil).
PhD stud Mathias Ried-Larsen

The Odense Preschool Study (TOPS). (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Line Grønholt Olesen, RICH

Children’s perspective on physical activity in organized activities and in free play in preschools, The Odense Preschool Study. (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Hanne Værum Sørensen

The Copenhagen School Child Intervention Study (CoSCIS). (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Bianca El-Naaman Hermansen

The role of social and health related factors in the development of eating habits among children aged 6-13 years-A follow-up study based on the Copenhagen School Child Intervention Study (CoSCIS). (pdf.fil)
PhD stud Britt Wang Jensen, RICH & Institute of Preventive Medicine, The Capital Region

Bicycling for health.
PhD stud Lars Østergaard Nielsen, RICH


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