RICH Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2011


Heidi Klakk 
When is a child too fat?? A discussion of appropriate measurements and cut offs for childhood overweight and obesity

Eva Jespersen
Incidence of musculoskeletal pain and injuries in children
A 2,5 year longitudinel observational cohort study, describing
weekly incidence of musculoskeletal pain and consultation confirmed musculoskeletal injuries in children

Claudia Franz
Back Pain in Childhood

Christina Christiansen
Changes in motor performance & aerobic fitness and the relation to injuries due to extra physical education in school – Part of the CHAMPS-study

Line G. Olesen
Physical activity patterns in preschool children: Preliminary descriptive data and method. The Odense Preschool Study

Lars Østergaard
Active transport to school

Simone Barros 
Longitudinal study of physical activity and sedentary behavior from preschool to elementary school

Carla Meneses
Is the physical activity level in preschool age a predictor of adiposity and motor skills in elementary school age?

Jorge Bezerra
Low levels of physical activity and sedentary behavior
in adolescent high school students in Pernambuco, Brazil: a temporal trend study (2006-2011)

Gustavo Silva
Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Physical Activity and Clustering of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Portuguese Youths

Anette B. Koch

Working for the well-being of children - how do we know if children are being well?

Anna Bugge
Effects of a 3-year intervention on CVD risk factors: The Copenhagen School Child Intervention Study

Bianca El-Naaman

Non-invasive methods for epidemiological screening of children at risk of having clustered risk for later development of Metabolic Syndrome

Britt Wang Jensen
Effects of the Copenhagen School Child Intervention Study on the children’s dietary intake

Malene Heidemann
Does high activity measured by accelerometers enhance Children's bonehealth? The CHAMPS study DK

Anders Grøntved
Sedentary behaviour and health in a lifelong perspective

Mathias Ried-Larsen
Exploring the output of four generations of the Actigraph accelerometer in a mechanical setup

Kristian Traberg Larsen
Tracking of Objectively Assessed Physical Activity from Childhood to Young Adult: The European Youth Heart Study. Preliminary results

Mona Have Sørensen
The effects of physical activity on children’s cognitive development 

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