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Archives - Old news

Phd defense Peter Tarp on 13th October 2017 (link)

IAFS Human Rights Award 2017 for prof. Jørgen Lange Thomsen

Phd defense Dorthe Dangvard Pedersen on 5th January 2017 (announcement) (see Photos)

Inaugural seminar for professor Jesper L. Boldsen on 12th May 2016 (see program here) 

 Inaugural seminar for professor Peter Mygind Leth on 25th January 2016 (see program here) 

Phd-defense Dorte J. Christoffersen on 4th December 2015 (announcement

ADBOU hosted the 4th Baltic Bioarchaeological Meeting on  24-26. august 2015 (link

Retirement symposium on 3rd June 2015 for professor Jørgen Lange Thomsen (see program here

News letter May 2015

New professor and head of the Department from 1st May 2015: Peter Mygind Leth

Read more about Jesper Boldsen's publication in PNAS  

Peter Mygind Leth defended his doctoral thesis at a public defense on 16th January 2015 (see abstract here)

Department of Forensic Chemistry is preparing to reopen for handling of  DUID cases per 1.1.2015

Read the Annual Report of the department (in Danish only) here.

Findings of  a scull from the bronze ages in September 2014  

News letter March 2014

4th November 2013: Forensic Medicine helps Odense Zoo with CT-scanning of  Igor the Tiger (se billeder her)

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