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Karol Jan Borowiecki



Karol Jan Borowiecki
DKK 82.807

The impact of  Airbnb hosts on Arctic local economies: Consumption patterns, entrepreneurship and sustainability
This project investigates how Airbnb hosts contribute to sustainable tourism development in remote Arctic regions. The number of Airbnb hosts has been increasing in peripheries in the recent decade, attracting tourists as an alternative source of income and providing opportunities for local entrepreneurship. Airbnb-based tourism can have positive and negative impacts on the local economies. The main goal of the project is to apply an empirical, mixed-methods research approach to study Airbnb hosts and their contribution to the sustainable destination development and community formation in local economies of the case-study regions of Northern Jutland (Denmark), North Island (Iceland) and Nordland (Norway), which all represent typical Arctic and Nordic peripheral communities and economies. 

Last Updated 01.11.2022