Recent publications

Scattering of graphene plasmons at abrupt interfaces: An analytic and numeric study
A. J. Chaves, B. Amorim, Yu. V. Bludov, P. A. D. Gonçalves, and N. M. R. Peres
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97, 035434 (2018)

Robustness of the Rabi Splitting under Nonlocal Corrections in Plexcitonics
ACS Photonics, 2018, 5 (1), pp 133–142
ChristosTserkezis, MartijnWubs and N. Asger Mortensen

Plasmon-exciton polaritons in two-dimensional semiconductor/metal interfaces
P. A. D. Gonçalves, L. P. Bertelsen, Sanshui Xiao, and N. Asger Mortensen
Phys. Rev. B 97, 041402(R)

Dynamics of a quantum emitter resonantly coupled to both external field and localized surface plasmon
Khachatur V. Nerkararyan, Torgom S. Yezekyan, and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97, 045401 (2018)

Gradient metasurfaces: a review of fundamentals and applications

Fei Ding, Anders Pors and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi

IOP Publishing Rep. Prog. Phys. 81 (2018) 026401 (44pp)


Nonlocal quasinormal modes for arbitrarily shaped

Mohsen Kamandar Dezfouli, Christos Tserkezis, N. Asger Mortensen, and Stephen Hughes
Optica vol. 4, No. 12 / December 2017

Hydrodynamic model approach to the formation of plasmonic wakes in graphene

J. Chaves, N. M. R. Peres, G. Smirnov,2 and N. Asger Mortensen
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 195438 (2017)

Impact of Graphene on the Polarizability of a Neighbour Nanoparticle: A Dyadic Green's Function Study
B. Amorium, P. A. D. Gonçalves, M. I. Vasilevskiy and N. M. R. Peres
Applied Sciences 2017, 7, 1158

Chip-integrated plasmonic cavity-enhanced single nitrogen-vacancy center emission
Hamidreza Siampour, Shailesh Kumar and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
Nanoscale, 2017, 9, 17902-17908

Direct Amplitude-Phase Near-Field Observation of Higher-Order Anapole States

Vladimir A. Zenin, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Sergey M. Novikov, Yuanqing Yang, Radu Malureanu, Andrei V. Lavrinenko, Boris N. Chichkov and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
Nano Lett. 2017, 17, 71527159

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