This project aims at developing the foundation for ultra-compact nanophotonic components via optical nanotechnology based on surface plasmon (SP) modes supported by dielectric/metal nanostructures. The strategic goal of the project is to advance active plasmonics so as to realize SP amplification, generation, modulation and detection. The proposed project encompasses fundamental studies of SP amplification and generation utilizing quantum dots (QDs) and organic nanofibers (ONFs), SP modulation and detection using the thermo-optic effect as well as application developments of miniature plasmonic environmental sensors. The successful execution of a very ambitious program will be ensured by coordinated efforts of three strong research groups world-recognized within nanooptics and nanotechnology: the group of S. I. Bozhevolnyi (ITI, SDU) leading in nano-plasmonics, the group of H.-G. Rubahn (MCI, SDU) leading in organic nanotechnology and active (organic) nanooptics, and the group of K. Pedersen (Department of Physics and Nanotechnology, AAU) leading in nonlinear optics at surfaces and interfaces. The parallel development of environmental sensors will be coordinated by Senmatic A/S, a company specializing in fabrication of sensors for a wide range of applications, from environment to food and ship industries. The project work will be integrated with extensive European research carried out within the framework of EU-funded projects and networks, benefiting from direct collaborations with leading European scientists.

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