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Software Club is a forum at SDU where students, organizations, researchers and teachers meet to exchange knowledge and to network. We are expecting to conduct 6 – 8 of these meetings annually where there will be one or two presentations followed by a discussion and an opportunity to network.

The program for each meeting will be announced a week or two prior to the event. The meeting is open to all those who are interested but registration is necessary. Please register to the meeting below by sending an e-mail to Kirstine Trettin ( and please use the same address if you have suggestions for future meetings.

Please note that seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis and that you will only receive an email if you did not sign up fast enough.

Date, time and place:
November 7th 2017 at 2 – 4 p.m.  in the Lunch Room of the Maersk Building (entrance M)

Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR)

Presentation Title:
How to beat the challenges of making software for a mobile industrial robot

This talk will investigate how to write good software for a mobile industrial robot.

First, we will look at the challenges involved in writing and testing software for mobile robots, which are used in diverse environments as a fully automated environment for power meter production, or the health care industry among doctors and elderly.

We will investigate the processes involved in meeting these challenges and how we plan to expand on those ideas in the future.

Next, we will dive into the core software frameworks involved in the robot, the distributed architecture both inside the robot but also among many robots running in the same facility.

How do you coordinate 10 autonomous robots all making their own decisions? And how do you do that in a dynamic environment with people walking around, AGVs driving the hallways, etc.?

Jeppe Pedersen, Robotics Developer, M.Sc.
Martin R. Ehmsen, R&D Directory, Ph.D.

Previous Software Club Events:

 8 March 2017 (Universal Robots); 3 April 2017 (Google); May 17, 2017 (Systematic); October 5, 2017 (Webtop, Praqma)

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