Digital submission:

From the autumn 2017 all final projects (final projects, bachelor projects and master’s thesis), semester projects, In-company period reports, industrial engineering training reporst and additional assignments, shall be submitted digitally in “SDU Assignment” via BlackBoard. This will accommodate the legal requirement that all papers are archived.



It is no longer allowed to submit final projects, bachelor projects, master’s thesis, semester projects, In-company period reports, industrial engineering training reports and additional assignments via student mail or in hardcopy to lectures/supervisors.


The students have to name the uploaded files as following:

  • Final projects: Full name on all students in the group
  • Semester projects: Group number
  • In-company period reporst and industrial engineering training reports: Full name

Form of the assignment:

The paper has to be delivered in a PDF file - enclosure can be delivered in ZIP or PDF file.

Remember to fill in the lending form for the library on below link:


Group submissions:

By group submission, the group shall point out one member, who shall deliver the assignment. That person shall send the receipt for the delivery to the rest of the group members.


Submission deadline for final projects:

The deadline for submission of final projects, bachelor projects and master’s thesis is the first weekday in January/June – no later than 10 o'clock in the morning. The deadline for all other submissions must be agreed with the lectures/supervisors.


Confidential projects/reports (diploma works/bachelor projects/master’s theses):

NDA ( fortrolighedserklæring) must be handed in as enclosure as a PDF file together with the submission and named as “NDA”


Individual study activity (ISA):

ISA can be submitted as a PDF to the lecture/supervisors.




More details regarding the digital submissions can be found under this link:


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