Exams Overview

Winter 2017/18 - Exams plan

Exam plans for educations at MMMI will be available before Christmas Holiday.

Check Blackboard for more information (When the plans are available)

  • Information- and Communication Technology (IT)
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering/Electrical Power Engineering
  • Physics and Technology - Bachelor/Master  
  • Learning and Experience Technology- Bachelor/Master
  • Robotics - Bachelor/Master 
  • Software Engineering - Bachelor /Master
  • Welfare Technology - Bachelor/Master
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics - Master
  • Energy Technology - Bachelor/Master
  • Exchange
Grades will be visible on the student selfservice online, when registered.
The re-exams takes place by default in week 7 and 8 2018. Remember to sign up for the re-exam on within 8 days after the results are official. Cf.
Graduation takes place Wednesday 31, 2018 at 10am.
The spring semester starts at Thursday February 1, 2018.

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