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The aim of The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute's Experts Guide is to help national and international journalists locating the ideal expert for their stories.

Beach, Brad - Centre Leader, tel. +45 6550 9523, e-mail:

Research, development and procurement within the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Ellekilde, Lars-Peter - associate professor, tel. +45 2466 7583, e-mail:

Robot motion planning and optimization; online robot control; industrial robotics; flexible automation; software and simulation for robotics applications.

Hallam, John - professor, tel. +45 6550 3546, e-mail:

Biomimetic robotics; embodied artificial intelligence; cognitive robotics; behaviour-based robotics; genetic algorithms neural networks; classic artificial intelligence (search) reinforcement learning.

Hallenborg, Kasper - head of institute, tel. +45 6550 3585, e-mail:

Ambient intelligence; agent-oriented software engineering; ambient-assisted Living; pervasive computing; context awareness; activity-based computing; welfare technology; adaptive systems; flexible manufacturing systems.

Juhl, Peter Møller - associate professor, tel. +45 6550 7430, e-mail:

Numerical methods in acoustics; acoustic transducers; electroacoustics; room acoustics; physical acoustics.

Kjærgaard, Mikkel Baun - associate professor, tel. +45 2197 2447, e-mail:

Smart energy systems; outdoor and indoor positioning; collective sensing; mobile sensing; mobile computing; machine learning for sensing applications.

Kraft, Dirk - associate professor, tel. +45 5170 1349, e-mail:

Computer vision; cognitive vision; cognitive robotics; developmental robotics; learning.

Krüger, Norbert - professor, tel. +45 2778 7483, e-mail:

Computer vision; human vision; robotics; tactile sensing; cognitive systems; learning.

Majgaard, Gunver – associate professor, tel. +45 2466 7446, e-mail:

Human Computer Interaction (HCI); design of digital educational tools; participatory design; learning processes; didactical design; serious games; curriculum design.

Nadimi, Esmaeil S. – associate professor, tel. +45 2778 1929, e-mail:

Biomedical and biological signal processing; wireless sensor network (WSN & BAN); stochastic eigen-analysis; random matrix theory.

Petersen, Henrik Gordon - professor, tel. +45 6011 2324, e-mail:

Robot kinematics; dynamics and control; trajectory planning for robots; modeling and optimization of handling processes; mathematical modeling.

Wiil, Uffe Kock - professor, tel. +45 6011 3565, e-mail:

Research areas: Information & knowledge management; hypermedia; software technologies; computer-supported cooperative work; distributed systems. Application areas: Healthcare; security; planning; software development.

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