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About the department

The department’s academic staff carry out research within the areas of Business Language, Design, Education Sciences, Information Studies, Library Science, Upper Secondary Didactics, Media Science, Organisational Communication, Philosophy, Tourism and Experience Economy, and Web Communication.

The department’s academic staff teach on a wide range of degree programmes. Some of these are offered in collaboration with other departments and faculties at SDU as well as other educational institutions in Denmark and abroad. The department offers 9 degree programmes at bachelor level and 9 degree programmes at master’s level with approximately 1,600 students in total.

The department is characterized by strong co-working communities within and across the different areas of research and teaching.

The department has approximately 150 permanent employees and a number of part-time staff.

The department conducts research and teaching in Odense, Kolding and Sønderborg.

Department of Design, Media and Educational Science

  • Universitetsparken 1
  • Kolding - DK-6000
  • Phone: +45 6550 1340

Last Updated 23.08.2023